DCS of New York Inc.
Online Subscription Refund Policy

bizRapido is an online service provided by DCS New York Inc.

If you cancel your service within 3 days of billing renewal, you will be refunded that amount charged or to be charged, minus any fees or past due account balances. DCS of New York will refund any unused portion of your payment by the method used to make the payment originally. With Credit Cards, the primary attempt will be to credit back the original card used for the transaction. If the customer has received a new credit card with a new number, or has had the number changed for any other reason, then a check will be mailed from our Corporate Office.

Keep in mind that credit card refunds may take several days to a week depending on your credit card provider. If a check must be sent then expect a 1 to 2 week for processing and mailing the refund check.

bizRapido is a service of DCS of New York Inc. with offices at:
10 W Main St
Shortsville, NY 14548